Our Mission


To Cultivate Community:  We believe that community matters and connection is key.  The world we live in today affords us so much more access to each other yet we are more disconnected than ever.  We aim to help you connect with our community and the people who mean the most to you in meaningful ways. 

To Mobilize Mentors:  We believe in inspiring military spouses to feel empowered to come alongside other spouses to provide support, advice and encouragement as we navigate this life.  Through our Facebook group, Westhouse Insiders: Milspos on a Mission, we aim to provide a place for spouses to find resources, support and connection. 

To Support Other Small Shops:  We believe in supporting other small shops in tangible ways.  From sourcing many of our products and materials to collaborations and spreading the word, we value community over competition.  Our hope is that Westhouse grows into a shop that creates ripple effects of support across the small shop community.