Bloom Now

Bloom Now

 If you’d have asked me a year ago if I thought the Bloom Now Journal was on the horizon, I’d have to tell you no.  We were at the tail end of a deployment, preparing to PCS and I was more overwhelmed, frustrated and stressed than ever.  When my husband returned from downrange, I knew something had to change. 

We’ll call the Bloom Now Journal a bit of reverse engineering plus some God sent clarity.  My change came with getting intentional about everything from relationships to professional development and self-care.  Looking back is what allowed me to name the categories I experienced growth in that allowed me to cultivate the type of adaptability I’m nurturing today and, most importantly, allowed me to stop counting down and start living a more joy-filled life now

The Bloom Now Journal is the physical tool to match the process I went through that led to stronger faith and marriage, a more positive mindset, less hustle-driven days, joy in the face of unexpected adversity, better organization and time management, choosing JOY in spite of my season.  There's no magic, just your commitment to doing life differently.  

Grab your journal, join our community, sign up for a walkthrough and get ready to start giving those feelings of stress and overwhelm their marching orders.  

We can't always choose how life changes, but we can choose how we adapt.  

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