Milspouse Essentials

Milspouse Essentials

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Take a deep breath: none of us knew what we were getting into when we started this milspouse journey and we know figuring it all out can be so overwhelming. We put this bundle together with you in mind: a few resources, some reassurance and a little humor go a long way. You’re a part of this community now and we’ve got your six. 

All The Things Jute Tote Bag: a little something for your next Commissary run. Jute/cotton combo with velcro closure.

PCS Like A Pro: Your Guide to A Smooth Move: Written by veteran and military spouse Megan Harless, this guide gives you a quick and easy run down of the PCS process. From understanding the lingo and forms to tips and resources, it’s a must have for any milspouse.

The Once Over Lightly: Practical Military Protocol by Bibs Reynard: Easily one of the best resources around for understanding and the protocols, customs and courtesies of this life from forming strong communities to what to wear and the how-tos of invitations. It’s a great blend of embracing tradition while acknowledging the more modern culture in which we live—a must have.

Bloom Succulent Enamel Pin: Pins have long been a part of military spouse tradition as has the phrase "bloom where you are planted."  We're putting our spin on tradition with this hard enamel color filled, gold plated succulent pin with rubber backing.  Each pin comes on a card with a reminder to give yourself time to bloom and an explanation of the cactus analogy we've come to love.  

Milspouse Pencils: Plan in’s funny because it’s true. We all come to learn that plans are rarely permanent and that when filling out your calendar, pencils will serve you well.