PCS Season is Upon Us

 It's almost that time of year again.  The time where our streets are filled with moving trucks, the smell of cardboard fills the air and you start wondering why you didn't start the PCS purge months ago like you said you would.  Sadly, this year is a bit different for us because we're not moving--but most of our friends are.  


When I was a young Army wife fresh out of college, I dreaded the thought of living such a nomadic life.  I wondered how people could ever get used to packing and unpacking, making new friends over and over again or even little things like finding a new favorite restaurant to frequent.  Now, 6 duty stations in, the move excites me.  We've never really been anywhere longer than about 24 months so around that mark I start getting that PCS itch.  You know, the one where you start wondering if your spouse has talked to branch about what's next and when the magical RFO will be processed so you can feel that you didn't take virtual tours of 200 homes in vain?


Well this year is different.  For the first time, we will cross that magical 24 month mark and hang around for another year.  A. THIRD. YEAR.   I'm not quite sure what to do.  The itch is only drowned out by the concern I feel knowing that most of my tribe is leaving (though I'm so thankful for the ones who will stay).  Starting over is hard, but sometimes so is staying behind.  I'm grateful for the stability for my kids, but they will lose most of their friends this summer too.  


A sense of community is so insanely important in this crazy life (but that's a conversation for another day).   For those of you buzzing with excitement about exploring a new place, I'm so excited for you!  For those whose excitement is being replaced with growing anxiety about what change will look like, I pray a sense of peace overwhelms you as time goes on. And, for those waving goodbye and hanging out for a while longer, let's look on the bright side: you can go to your favorite restaurants and hair salons for another year before you have to start all over again! 

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  • Melanie

    We are going to hit the three-year mark for the first time ever to! Such an odd feeling! Gearing up for a PCS AND an unaccompanied short tour this summer!

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