Making a House a Home...Again and Again.

Making a House a Home...Again and Again.


I don't know that I love decorating, but I do love Joanna Gaines. 

I sometimes imagine that she, Adele and I are besties and that, on occasion, we hang out.  You know, like girlfriends who sing Hello in perfect harmony and then trade stories about our kids while sipping coffee from our Rae Dunn mugs and picking out the perfect gray for our living room.  So maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but a girl can dream right??
If I had to define my decorating style, I would say that I fall somewhere in the transitional farmhouse realm.  I love classic with a touch of modern, but I equally love that Fixer Upper farmhouse style.  Neutrals make me smile, but I love blues just as much.  It's fair to say that I'm probably an interior decorator's least favorite client.  What I do know definitively is that I have had to decorate no less than 8 different spaces over the last 11 years and each one was different.  From apartments to historic homes, nine month stays to three year stretches in different regions of this country and even overseas.  
The life of the military spouse presents a unique situation where every couple years we have to pack up what feels like home to start all over again.  Most of the time we live in housing on post or a rental that doesn't quite suit our every fancy, but will work for the time being.  We lament over buying nice furniture or decorative pieces for our homes because we don't know if the movers can be trusted to not pack our one of a kind find in with a bowling ball.  We keep more curtains and rods than the average department store because every house has a different number of windows.  
So with all of that in mind, people ask me all the time how I manage to decorate the way I do. Now,  listen.  My house is NOT Joanna perfect--not even close, but I think what I have managed to do in this house, and perhaps truly for the first time, is fill it with things I love.  I know making a house a home is important to everyone, but I find it especially important for the military family.  Making each house feel like HOME is an incredible task, especially with kids are involved.  Perhaps that's why each sign I sell makes me so happy. I am truly honored to have people choose my work to grace the walls of what is such a sacred space--even if only for a few years.  
From time to time, I will share some of my spaces, favorite places to shop, decor finds and hacks. Don't feel like you have to wait until your forever home to start creating spaces you love.  PCSing is inevitable (unless you are one of those lovely wives who's made it to the mountain top and settled nicely in your forever home), but joy in a house that feels like home is possible no matter how long your stay. 

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