The quintessential military spouse admonishment.  It's certainly one of those "if I had a dollar for every time I heard that..." phrases in this community.  It's only been recently that I've taken the time to think about the true meaning of that phrase.  


I am an introvert.  Shocked?  Most people are when I say that.  I'd never describe myself as the life of the party and on days where I am out and about interacting with lots of people, I come home exhausted.  I'm married to an extrovert.  He lights up a room, can make conversation with anyone and is a natural born leader.  My ability to be more social is a learned behavior, one that I've adopted as time goes on and it doesn't come easily.  


See that's the thing about blooming after the seed is planted: different flowers bloom in different conditions at different times of the year resulting in a wide variety of beautiful blossoms.   I'd like to think that we as people are that way too.  Sometimes it feels like it's taken a solid decade for me to figure out who I am, where I fit into this often crazy life and how to use that information to benefit those around me.  Westhouse has been the proverbial fertilizer--the catalyst to accelerating what was likely an inevitable blooming process for me.  It is so far outside of where I thought life would take me that I know it has to be exactly where I should be.  I am learning to talk to people, to network, to be an active and engaged member of the community I love so much.  


You know what else it is?  INCREDIBLY SCARY. 

The coming year is jam packed with increased responsibilities everywhere from the business to family life and even my military/volunteer life.  Moment of honesty:  I don't do failure well.  Less than 100% isn't a thing for me and I struggle with balance.  I'm working on that, but I'm also no longer using that as an excuse to not jump in with both feet.


This past week I sat at a farewell for our Corps Commander's wife.  She's an incredible woman--always cheerful and encouraging, graceful and kind and has had a tremendous impact on our community. I know her as a fellow military spouse, but what I did not know were the remarkable list of achievements she's accomplished in her own right as an academic and a professional.  This military life can be so all consuming at times that you start to wonder if there is room for you to bloom as an individual, and yet, I'm starting to realize that finding space to bloom as an individual is the key to me being the best wife, mom, business owner and volunteer I can be.  


As cliche as it sounds, this is the first post where I've actively focused on blooming where I'm planted.  The truth is that when I reflect on past assignments, I just wasn't completely ready.  I can't say that I am there now, but I'm one step closer.   Maybe that's where you are too--waiting for just the right moment to jump in with both feet even if it is really scary.  

Each new post is full of new opportunities--fresh soil in which you are planted with the ever present potential to bloom.  

WH 6 out,


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