Army Wife. Mom. Creative Entrepreneur.

Army Wife. Mom. Creative Entrepreneur.

Sometimes I laugh to myself when I read the last in that thread of titles I've acquired over my last decade of life.  I've known my husband was the one since I was 13 and sat next to him on the school bus.  I've known I wanted to be a mom for as long and I can remember, but a business owner? Talk about nowhere on my radar. Then life happened.  Not just life--MILITARY LIFE.


Being a military spouse truly tests the limits of the old proverb "Blessed are the flexible for they will not be bent out of shape."  6 months after college graduation, I was married with a baby on the way.  The next month my husband got orders to deploy.  Just under two years later, baby number two came and when he was 5 months old, my husband left again.  And so it began...

I love my kids and my family life, but talk about feeling derailed!  My husband continued to be successful in his career and I continued to be the supportive wife and stay at home mom, all the while secretly wondering when it would be my turn. I know many of you stand in that space daily.  The truth is, sometimes paths change.  Sometimes we surprise ourselves with lives and purposes so far beyond what we think ourselves capable.  

Five years and four duty stations later, I found myself preparing to send my youngest off to kindergarten and my eldest to second grade. Yet still, I felt that desire to contribute financially and to feel more fulfilled as a person--to celebrate successes I knew were possible, but somehow got buried in the grind of daily life. I had no design experience or business knowledge when I started this Westhouse. What I did have was faith and the drive to carve out my own space in a life that can sometimes cause us to feel forgotten.  I gave up tip-toeing around a dream I didn't know I had and jumped in, terrified, but I jumped. Life is busier, crazier, but I found the missing part of ME and because of that, I am a better mom, wife and friend...any title you might assign me. 

Military spouse, you are destined for greatness.

Stay at home, work at home, work outside of the home, dedicated volunteer--find what brings you joy and be relentless in its pursuit.  We may have never met, but I stand beside you as you navigate the path to finding you.  Who knows, maybe you'll be the next person chuckling at the string of titles that now describe you. 

Later friend!


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