5 Reasons to Love Handwritten Notes

5 Reasons to Love Handwritten Notes

The other day I was purging one of my drawers and came across a bag filled with cards and notes, many of them from when my husband and I first started dating. We dated for nearly 5 years before we got married and spent most of that in a long-distance relationship, before the days of FaceTime and unlimited cell phone plans. Over those years we wrote a lot of letters and tucked a lot of notes away in bags before one or the other headed off.  (Here's one of my favorites—the one that started it all!)

Now, I love technology and how easily we can connect with people these days, but there’s still something so special and intentional about sending a handwritten note.  Whether you’re sending a note to tell someone you love or miss them, sending a word of encouragement or a note of thanks, a handwritten note is special for many reasons.

Here are a few reasons I love handwritten notes:

  1. It allows you to slow down. The busier life gets, the more okay we become with hurriedly moving through each day, not taking the time to sit in and enjoy the little moments.  There’s something about sitting down with a pen and paper that allows you to press pause and sit in the moment—even if only for a little while.
  2. You can be creative. The older we get, the fewer opportunities we have to be creative on paper.  You’re never too old to pull out pretty pens and washi tape to decorate your stationery.  
  3. Happy mail is always appreciated. Being an adult means getting lots of mail that isn’t so happy.  Think about how you felt the last time you opened the mailbox and saw a card or a letter from a friend.  A few minutes of your time could make someone else’s day...or week!
  4. It’s polite. From thanking a hostess for a wonderful event to showing gratitude for a gift you’ve received, a handwritten note beats a quick text or email any day. It shows that what the other person has done is important enough for you to take the time to be intentional about thanking him or her.
  5. It keeps you connected.  I don’t know about you, but one thing I love about handwritten notes is that I get to feel a little closer to the sender.  Any time my husband was deployed or away for long stretches of time, I loved getting notes that he touched also. Even on days where we couldn’t talk, I could open and re-read a letter to still feel connected. 


Who could you send a little happy mail to today? Don’t have the supplies? We’ve got you covered.  We’re all about bringing snail mail back as a way to encourage people to stay connected and we hope you jump on board too! 

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