Choosing to Bloom...NOW.


When I started Westhouse back in 2014, I’m not sure I had much of a plan.  I knew I wanted to help provide for my family while maintaining the type of flexibility military life demands.  I needed something that gave me back some of the identity I felt I’d lost as I navigated life as a military spouse.  Over the years, I moved through a host of different product offerings, never quite feeling like anything was the right fit (we’ll blame some of that on my being an enneagram 1)...that is until recently. 

At the core of everything I’ve done over the last several years is my heart for women (military spouses, moms, wives…).  Social media has a way of putting an insane amount of pressure on us. As if we don’t put enough internal pressure on ourselves, adding squares filled with perfect pictures and snapshots of pin-worthy lives means even our “escape” comes with baggage.  A strange thing happens when we (un)intentionally lead people to believe that our lives are perfect: they tend to believe us and be influenced by what they see. 

I want to start this new journey with a little disclaimer for anyone who might have been led to believe otherwise: my life isn’t perfect. I’ve struggled as a wife and mom.  I’ve had six surgeries, some major, for a host of reasons over the last several years—the most recent this past March with another rapidly approaching.  There have been failed business ideas, duty stations I’ve begged to leave, moments where I wondered if God had forgotten all about me and times where my anxiety levels were so high I started every morning in tears.  I am living a REAL life and learning how to better navigate it every day.  

Enter the BloomNow Journal.  

Last summer, right before my husband returned from an overseas deployment, I quietly committed to changing my life.  Little did I know that the process I was working through myself would be the key to unlocking my purpose. I’ll share a bit more over the next few weeks about how this Journal came to be, but here’s what I’ve learned and hope to pass on to those of you who choose to come along on this journey:

  • Blooming (or thriving) is the result of small choices you make every single day
  • Self-care is essential to growing and becoming the person you want to be
  • The best planner in the world won’t help you get your life together—it’ll just keep your external ducks (sort of) in a row
  • How you think shapes every single aspect of your life

I created the BloomNow Journal as a tool to help others walk through the steps I’ve taken over the last year (and continue to take) that radically changed my life.  I believe there is tremendous power in marrying intention and action with community and anchoring yourself to these changes in writing.  

At the core of all of this?  GROWTH. I can provide the tool, but YOU are the magic in this scenario.  The more you commit to growing, the more you are able to take the lessons you are learning today to help you thrive when life changes tomorrow.  

Stop the countdown.  Choose to bloom NOW.  


Photo Credit: Casey Obringer Photography

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